Kitchen Cleaning

Complete Kitchen Cleaning

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What is Kitchen Cleaning?

Kitchen Cleaning involves Cleaning of Kitchen Equipment to remove grease and carbon deposits.
  • Cleaning of Cooking Range– Gas Burner Stoves, Kwali Stoves (Chinese Wok)
  • Cleaning of Hot Plate / Griddle Plate / Griller
  • Cleaning of Deep-Fryers
  • Cleaning of Duck Roasting Oven
  • Cleaning of Combi-Ovens / Steam Ovens / Pizza Ovens / Baking Ovens
  • Cleaning of Salamanders
  • Cleaning of Bain-Marie
  • Cleaning of Soup Kettles / Dal Cookers
  • Cleaning of Tilting Braising Pans
  • Cleaning of Ice Machines
  • Cleaning of Fridges / Freezers / Chillers
  • Cleaning of Steamers
  • Cleaning of Ice Cream Machines
  • Cleaning of Dough Sheeters
  • Cleaning of Wall Tiles
  • Cleaning of Sinks / Wash Basins
  • Cleaning of Table-tops (Marble tops / Stainless Steel)
  • Cleaning of Shelf
  • Cleaning of Food Store Rooms
  • Cleaning of Stainless Racks
  • Cleaning of Rubbish Bins
  • Cleaning of Stewarding Area
  • Cleaning of Floor (Removing grease, dirt and grime)- High-Pressure Water Jetting, Floor Tiles Scrubbing
  • Cleaning and removing rubbish from Under Counters, Under Cooking-ranges
  • Cleaning of Air-con Vents
  • Cleaning of Fans
  • Cleaning of Pipes

Types of Kitchen Cleaning

One-Time Deep Kitchen Cleaning

We will do a thorough cleaning of all Kitchen Areas and Kitchen Equipment to ensure a pleasant and healthy environment for Chefs to commence cooking. Also prepares Kitchens for SFA Hygiene Grading prior to License issue.

Periodic Deep Kitchen Cleaning may be akin to ‘Spring Cleaning’. Be it once a year for Chinese New Year or part of a periodic Deep Kitchen Cleaning Program as set out by your organisation, we can meet your periodic requirements such as Annually, Half-Yearly, or Quarterly.

SFA Grading / Hygiene Inspection Kitchen Cleaning

We will address the specific Kitchen areas requiring action with a thorough complete cleaning as well as other Kitchen areas which may have been overlooked previously.

Our team of Operation Managers have experience in establishing SFA “A” Grades for various Kitchens and will identify and work on the areas assessed by SFA and other independent Hygiene Inspectors.

Do not settle for a SFA grade below “A” when we can help you attain it!

Specific Kitchen Area/Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Perhaps, your staff are currently cleaning the Kitchen. However, you may need us to get rid of stubborn unsightly carbon stains on your stoves or need us to clean Equipment that requires the use of special chemicals and tools.

Our team of well-trained and experienced Kitchen Cleaners will be equipped with the knowledge to clean these Specific Equipment such as the Hotplate or a particular Kitchen Area such as the Cooking-range.

Regular Contract Kitchen Cleaning (Recommended)

Using existing Kitchen staff for the Cleaning of Kitchens might lead to overworked and tired staff. They may also lack the knowledge to clean the Kitchens effectively. 

Our team of Kitchen Cleaners will come in on a regular basis (DailyWeekly Or Bi-weeklyafter the Kitchen operation hours, to clean the Kitchen thoroughly and professionally. We can
also clean overnight for Kitchens that close late after dinner service or even on Sundays.

You will get a healthy and hygienic Kitchen all year round and not worry about SFA spot checks on Kitchen Cleanliness, providing you peace of mind!

How often for Deep Kitchen Cleaning?

A Kitchen must be ideally cleaned daily after operation of the Kitchen. This maintains the top level of Cleanliness and Food Hygiene for the Kitchen.

Kitchen staff come in to a clean and sparkling Kitchen every morning, improving morale. Kitchen staff can also concentrate on their duties without being overworked to ensure high service standards for your customers.

Most importantly, it provides a safe kitchen working environment. For example, falls from oily or greasy floor will be contained.

For Kitchens who have their own kitchen staff cleaning on a daily basis, we can provide Weekly or Bi-Weekly or Monthly Professional Kitchen Cleaning for a deeper and more thorough cleaning using specialised chemicals and equipment.

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