Kitchen Exhaust System Installation

Installing of Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Ducting System In Singapore

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A Kitchen Exhaust System consists of 4 main components: Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Kitchen Exhaust Duct, Kitchen Exhaust Fan and Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaner System.

Types of Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Wall-Mounted Hoods

Wall-Mounted Hoods are mounted on the wall above the cooking area. They come in various sizes and designs, offering effective ventilation and allowing for plenty of space in the Kitchen. They include Slant Hood and Box Hood. Condensate Hood can be used for applications requiring the removal of Steam such as at Dishwashing Areas or above Steaming Machines.

Island Hoods / Ceiling-Mounted Hoods

Island Hoods or Ceiling-Mounted Hoods are suspended from the ceiling above an island cooking range. They are specifically designed for Kitchens with a cooking surface located away from the walls.

Ductless Hoods

Unlike other Hoods that vent the air outside, Ductless Range Hoods use filters to trap grease, smoke, and odours, and then recirculate the purified air back into the Kitchen. They are a good option for Kitchens where installing Kitchen Exhaust Ducting is challenging or not possible.

Types of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Axial Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Compact and Cost-effective for installations with limited space

Bifurcated Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Designed with a split airway, the motor is protected from the kitchen exhaust air by having its own compartment. Motor is isolated from the main kitchen exhaust air stream by a tunnel which extends to the side of the main fan casing.

Silencers can be added to reduce noise emission.

Box Kitchen Exhaust Fan

An improvement of the Bifurcated Kitchen Exhaust Fan with higher static pressure and better acoustic insulation. Box fans can also be installed at a bend/elbow of the Kitchen Exhaust Duct to eliminate the pressure loss across the bend/elbow. Casing panels can be disassembled easily from all sides for maintenance.

Types of SFA-Approved Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaners
Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Effective for controlling smoke and can be integrated with UV-C Ozone Lamps and Carbon Filters

UV-C Ozone Lamps

Combination of UV and Ozone emitted oxidizes oil and grease as well as deodorizes air.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters control odour through “Adsorption” by trapping the odour compound inside the activated carbon.

Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Fan Duct Installation

Improves Indoor Air Quality

The primary function of a Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Fan Duct is to remove airborne contaminants, such as smoke, grease, steam, and cooking odours, from the Kitchen. By effectively venting these pollutants to the outside, the system, which acts as an air cleaner, helps maintain better indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and unpleasant smells lingering in the space.

Protects Against Grease Build-up

Grease particles can accumulate on surfaces, cabinets, and walls during cooking, creating an unsightly and potentially hazardous situation. The Exhaust Hood and Fan Duct capture grease-laden air and direct it outside, reducing the buildup of grease in the Kitchen.

Enforces Fire Safety & Ensures Compliance With Building Codes

Cooking activities, particularly on gas stoves, carry a risk of fire hazards. As such, SCDF’s Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings 2018 (Fire Code 2018) as well as SFA, and Landlords, require the installation of Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Duct and Fan. Proper installation ensures compliance with these standards, avoiding potential fines or penalties and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for Kitchen staff.

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