Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Filters Cleaning

What is Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Filters Cleaning?

A Kitchen Exhaust Hood is also called a Vent Hood, Extractor Hood, Cooker Hob, Ventilation Hood or Cooker Hood.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Filters Cleaning involves:

 §     Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Hood (Interior & Exterior)

 §     Degreasing & Cleaning of Exhaust Hood Grease Filters

Types of Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Filters Cleaning

One-Time Kitchen Exhaust Hood And Grease Filters Cleaning & Degreasing

We will do a major Degreasing of the Kitchen Exhaust Hood as well as the Grease Filters to ensure efficient extraction of grease, smoke and odour generated from cooking. It ensures Chefs do not face the problem of oil dripping onto their uniforms from the Hood overhead when cooking.

It prepares Kitchens to comply with Singapore SCDF Regulations and for SFA Hygiene Grading prior to License issuance as cleanliness of the Kitchen Exhaust Hood is inspected, being one of the assessment criteria.

Regular Contract Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & Maintenance (Recommended)

For Clients requiring Regular Maintenance & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust System

Our team will come in on a regular basis (Monthly, Bi-Monthly or 3-Monthly) after the Kitchen operation hours, to clean the Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Grease Filters thoroughly and professionally. We can clean overnight for Kitchens that close late after dinner service or even on Sundays and Public Holidays, to minimise disruption to Kitchen operations.

How Often For Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Filters Regular Cleaning?

The most common cleaning frequency for an average restaurant is every 3 Months/Quarterly. This can vary, depending on the type of cooking and volume of cooking.

For heavier and oilier cooking and larger volume cooking, cleaning is best done Monthly or Bi-Monthly. For example, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods over Charcoal-burning stoves, BBQ, Tandoori, and Chinese-Wok cooking range, require more frequent cleaning than, say, cooking involving steaming.

For the specific cleaning frequency for your Kitchen Exhaust Hood, our staff will assess your Kitchen and advise accordingly on the optimal cleaning frequency.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance & Cleaning of Kitchen Hood

Maintains The Exhaust Suction Power At Optimal Efficiency

This prevents smoke and odour from filling the Kitchen, causing the Kitchen to be hot and smoky. The high temperature in the Kitchen makes Kitchen staff uncomfortable and tired, reducing productivity, and they might fall sick often.

In some cases, smoke and odour can escape into the dining area, causing an unpleasant experience for customers.

Most importantly, eliminates a potential Fire Hazard! The grease build-up in the Filters and Kitchen Exhaust Hood can act as fuel for the fire.

A Common Scenario Of How Kitchen Exhaust Hood Fire Starts Is As Follows:

1.    A flame flares up from the stove or wok

2.    The fire comes in contact with Filters on the Exhaust Hood above the stove

3.    The Grease on the Filters is ignited

4.    The Grease present on the surrounding Filters, as well as the Grease present on the Exhaust Hood encourages the fire to spread

5.    The entire Kitchen Exhaust Hood becomes engulfed in flames

By keeping the Kitchen Hood free of grease, you eliminate the contact point of fire, preventing the Exhaust Ductwork from catching fire too

This is why the SFA, SCDF and landlords in Singapore strictly enforce regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Kitchen Exhaust Hood.

You also get a healthy and safe Kitchen all year round, and you no longer have to worry about SFA & SCDF spot checks on Kitchen Exhaust System Cleanliness, providing you peace of mind!

Our Service complies with SCDF’s Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings 2018 (Fire Code 2018) Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance requirement for the cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Ducts

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