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Kitchen Exhaust Ducting Cleaning Degreasing

What is Kitchen Exhaust Ducting & Fan Cleaning?

Kitchen Exhaust System is also called a Kitchen Exhaust Extraction SystemAir Exhaust System or Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System.

  • Kitchen Exhaust System Complete Cleaning & Degreasing involves:
  • Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Hood (Interior & Exterior)
  • Degreasing & Cleaning of Exhaust Hood Grease Filters
  • Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Ducting
  • Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Fan
  • Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Outlet

Complete Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & Degreasing

Cleaning & Degreasing of entire Kitchen Exhaust System

Ideal for Clients requiring Kitchen Exhaust Ducting and Exhaust Fan Cleaning

We will do a thorough Degreasing of the Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Grease Filters, Ducting, Fan and Exhaust Outlet.

We can also install Access Panels, where necessary, to gain access to sealed Ductwork for cleaning.

Oil Leakages along the Exhaust Duct can also be repaired and sealed up.

How often for Complete Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & Degreasing?

It is recommended for a Complete Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & Degreasing to be done every 6 Months / Half-Yearly.

Cleaning the Kitchen Exhaust Fan 6 monthly prolongs the life of the Kitchen Exhaust Fan Motor. Hence, you can avoid expensive Exhaust Fan Motor replacement.

It also ensures the Fan Motor is functioning at full speed as grease can clog the Fan Blades, slowing it down considerably. This affects suction power of grease and smoke in the kitchen.

Keeping the Exhaust Duct free of grease prevents fire from spreading throughout the building.

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