Understanding The Causes And Prevention Of Kitchen Exhaust Fires

Understanding The Causes And Prevention Of Kitchen Exhaust Fires

Do you operate a business that involves cooking in a kitchen? If yes, then it is important for you to know the most common reasons behind kitchen fires so that you can minimize the chances of a fire incident in your establishment. More often than not, your kitchen exhaust has something to do with accidental fires. It is basically the ductwork and exhaust fan above your cooking range that extracts smoke, steam, heat, odors, and airborne grease from the kitchen air.

If you run a kitchen with an exhaust system, you need to familiarize yourself with the most common causes of kitchen exhaust fires to make sure that your space is always as safe as possible.

We will discuss what commonly causes kitchen exhaust fires and what are some of the most essential measures you should adopt to prevent their occurrence.

What Commonly Causes Kitchen Exhaust Fires?

An unmaintained kitchen exhaust system that stores a buildup of oil and grease is considered the most common cause of kitchen exhaust fires. These accumulations ignited by flames or even the slightest sparks from the grills, fryers, or cooking range can rapidly cause fire to spread throughout the whole network of ducts. Remember that a majority of commercial kitchens come with fire suppression materials designed to protect cooking surfaces, but most exhaust systems that lead to the rooftop do not.

Basically, this means that even if you are able to extinguish a fire at the cooking station without much trouble, there is still a possibility for the grease high up in the exhaust vents to continuously burn. This kind of fire is known for putting many restaurants out of business. As a matter of fact, in 2016 alone, six kitchen exhaust-related fire incidents occurred in Singapore, which prompted the government and the business sector to pay close attention to the way commercial kitchen exhaust systems are set up at food and beverage (F&B) establishments.

How to Prevent a Kitchen Exhaust Fire 

Because an unmaintained kitchen exhaust is the most common culprit behind kitchen fires, it comes as no surprise that the key to preventing these kinds of fires is to clean your exhaust vents on a regular basis with the help of commercial kitchen cleaning services. Here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when having your kitchen exhaust cleaned:

1. Look for certified kitchen exhaust cleaning services

Generally, owners of kitchen exhaust systems are the ones ultimately responsible in case a fire incident occurs. As the owner, it is important that you look for a seasoned and certified company providing kitchen exhaust cleaning services, such as Yasoda Evershine. An extensive cleaning provided by such companies covers every corner of a kitchen exhaust system and leaves nothing but the bare metal behind.

2. Clean the whole kitchen exhaust system

Choosing the right kitchen exhaust cleaner is very important because some cleaning companies often only clean what is immediately obvious and inspectable. However, this is not enough. If the entire exhaust system is not cleaned, any oily or greasy residue that stays in the exhaust system creates a fire hazard. The duct from the hood to the roof is often largely invisible and neglected, but the right kitchen exhaust cleaning company will surely clean all these hidden areas with ease.

3. Request references and inspection reports

If your chosen kitchen exhaust cleaning company is experienced and reliable, they must have no problem providing a reference. This can assist business owners in avoiding kitchen exhaust cleaners that do not have a track record of cleaning exhaust systems to code. Besides references, you should also request an inspection before having the work scheduled.

A trusted kitchen exhaust cleaner will check for violations and deficiencies and provide an extensive report pointing out any areas of concern, together with a recommended course of corrective action.


Kitchen fires are totally preventable with proper care and maintenance. Of all the equipment and areas found in your kitchen, the exhaust system is what you should pay close attention to and needs cleaning occasionally since a great number of kitchen fire incidents involve unmaintained kitchen exhaust systems.

For the best and most reliable commercial kitchen cleaning services in Singapore, Yasoda Evershine is the specialist you can truly trust! As an established kitchen cleaning company with numerous years of experience, Yasoda Evershine offers premium kitchen cleaning services covering an extensive range of areas, from common surfaces and filters to kitchen exhaust hoods and ducting. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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